bobby's portrait As a very young boy Bobby Summerfield was obsessed with pop music, listening to all styles from The Beatles to James Brown. English born, he grew up in South Africa and had a unique exposure to African music. As an avid audio electronics hobbyist, at age 14, he built a mobile DJ system and began DJ-ing parties for his friends. He soon became popular enough to earn a living DJ-ing and became a full time professional DJ. He was soon offered a chance to join the top rock band at the time, Ballyhoo, as band DJ & sound engineer. While touring for 4 years, he started formal studies of audio engineering, music and electronics and received a final diploma.

Over the next 3 years Bobby became a top national DJ and record producer and a VJ & Co presenter of a national TV show, "Fast Forward". Bobby worked with most of the top bands to come out of South Africa and in 1986 worked on 19 of the top 25 hits. At this time he was hired as a staff writer-producer at Minc records owned by Hilton Rosenthal, who was responsible for putting together Paul Simon's multi-platinum hit album Graceland. On the heels of Graceland's Success, Minc transferred Bobby to Los Angeles to head up studio design and be staff writer producer for newly formed Rhythm Safari Records. In LA, he continued DJ-ing and his studies at the Dick Grove School of music. Bobby went on to co-produce, co-write, mix and engineer a wide range of hit artists for Rhythm Safari Records, including: Foreigner, Carole King, Johnny Clegg & Savuka, Harry Belafonte, Christopher Cross.

Eventually as prominent part of the professional LA music scene Bobby was asked to be lecturer for the prestigious UCLA's Music & Art extensions program. In 1993, Bobby formed, Summerfield Music, Inc. in LA.

Summerfield Music, has a wide range of artists and media clients, including some of the worlds biggest recording artists and network TV and film companies. To date, Bobby has written over 2550 pieces of commissioned music, is in the ASCAP repetoir.

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bobby's portrait bobby's portrait bobby's portrait